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Outcomes from 3 October 2018 Commission meeting

Below are the outcomes from the 3 October 2018 Commission meeting.

Self-insurance licence variation applications

The Commission agreed to vary the licence of TNT Australia Pty Ltd by adding a condition requiring it, at all times, to be party to the Deed of Cross Guarantee made on 23 May 2018.

The Commission agreed to vary the licence of Prosegur Australia Pty Ltd adding additional claims reviewers from 1 October 2018.

Endorsement of the Commission Annual Report 2017-18

The Commission endorsed the Commission 2017-18 annual report. The Commission’s annual report will be combined with Comcare’s annual report and is expected to be published on both the Commission’s and Comcare’s websites.

Endorsement of the Commission Code of Conduct

The Commission endorsed its Code of Conduct. The Code will be published on the Commission’s website.


Page last updated: 19 Oct 2018