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Eligibility for self-insurance for private corporations

Once declared eligible by the Minister an organisation may then apply to the SRCC for a self-insurance licence.

The self-insurance licence application must contain those elements as set out in the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations 2002 (Part 4).

The licence application must:

  • define the scope of the licence
  • be signed by the organisation's principle officer
  • include the applicant's organisational structure, ABN, location and number of employees
  • include details of the organisation's:
    - financial and insurance details
    - consultation processes
    - rehabilitation management
    - benefit delivery arrangements
    - preventative measures
    - arrangement to secure liabilities
    - claims management system.

Once all this information is provided, then the SRCC will consider the licence application.

Self-insurance eligibility flow-chart

Self Insurance Eligibility Flow Chart

For more information on the declaration of eligibility process contact the Department of Employment.

All enquiries about self-insurance and applying for a licence in the Comcare scheme can be directed to Comcare's Self-insurance team on 1300 366 979 or via email.

Information on the Comcare scheme is available through Comcare's website, and through the 'Self Insurance' section of the Commission website.

Information on meeting the ongoing conditions of a self-insurance licence is also available.

Company sends request for eligibility to the Minister for EmploymentEvaluation of eligibility conducted by the Department of Employment and advice provided to the MinisterThe corporation makes an application to the SRCC for a self insurance licenceComcare evaluates the applicationSRCC considers the application for self insurance licenceSRCC does not grant a self insurance licence

Page last updated: 12 Jan 2017