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Outcomes from 26 March 2020 SRCC meeting (News)

Below are the outcomes from the 26 March 2020 SRCC meeting:

Outcomes from out of session meeting

The Commission noted that in an out of session meeting, a policy to suspend consideration of all licence applications during the COVID-19 pandemic was approved. This policy is available on the SRCC website.

The ongoing requirement for this policy will be considered in May 2020.

Commission approach to regulation

The Commission considered its approach to regulation in the current environment, and agreed that only critical work would be considered, and that a risk-based approach would be applied to any consideration.

Further information on the Commission’s agreed approach will be provided to all licensees separately.

Self-insurance licence variation

The Commission agreed to vary the licence of the Australian Capital Territory Government to extend its transition period until 30 June 2021.

Page last reviewed: 29 April 2020
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Date printed 28 Sep 2023