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Reviewing premium determinations and regulatory contributions made by Comcare

Under section 97K of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRC Act) the Commission has a function to review the premiums or regulatory contributions payable by an entity or Commonwealth Authority as determined by Comcare where the principal officer of the entity or authority objects to the determination or to the determination as varied as a review undertaken by Comcare.

The Commission has formed a Premium Review sub-committee, which consists of two of its Members and the Chairperson, to review Comcare’s review of determinations of premium or regulatory contributions and advise and make recommendations to the Commission as appropriate.

Requests from an entity or Commonwealth authority for a further review by the Commission of the outcome of Comcare’s review in relation to premiums or regulatory contributions should be made by written notice by the principal officer to the Commission within 14 days of the relevant determination.

Page last updated: 21 Aug 2017