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Current licensees

LicenseeFormer/Trading nameCommencement date of licenceCurrent licence expiry date
Asciano Services Pty LtdPacific National (ACT) Limited01/07/200130/06/2017
Australian air Express Pty Ltd 01/07/199930/06/2017
Australian Postal Corporation 30/06/199230/06/2022
BWA Group Services Pty Limited (Bankwest) 01/01/201530/06/2022
BIS Industries Ltd 01/10/200830/06/2023
Border Express Pty Ltd 01/01/200830/06/2022
Cleanaway Operations Pty LtdTranspacific Industries Pty Ltd01/07/200830/06/2022
Colonial Services Pty Ltd 31/03/200830/06/2022
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ltd 31/03/200830/06/2022
Commonwealth Insurance Ltd 31/03/200830/06/2022
Commonwealth Securities Ltd 31/03/200830/06/2022
CSL Ltd 03/06/199430/06/2023
DHL Supply Chain (Australia) Pty Ltd 01/07/201430/06/2022
Fleetmaster Services Pty Ltd 01/04/2009 30/06/2023
John Holland Group Pty Ltd 01/01/200730/06/2024
John Holland Pty Ltd 01/01/200730/06/2024
John Holland Rail Pty Ltd 01/01/200730/06/2024
K&S Freighters Pty Ltd 01/07/200630/06/2024
Linfox Australia Pty Ltd 03/04/200630/06/2023
Linfox Armaguard Pty Ltd 03/04/200630/06/2023
National Australia Bank Ltd 13/04/200730/06/2024
National Wealth Management Services LtdMLC13/04/200730/06/2024
Medibank Health Solutions 03/11/201430/06/2016
Medibank Private Limited 03/11/201430/06/2023
Optus Administration Pty Ltd 30/06/200530/06/2023
Prosegur Australia Pty LimitedChubb Security Services Ltd01/07/200730/06/2017
Reserve Bank of Australia 01/05/199630/06/2023
StarTrack Express Pty Ltd 01/07/201630/06/2022
StarTrack Retail Pty LtdAaE Retail Pty Ltd01/07/201130/06/2017
Telstra Corporation Ltd 30/06/199230/06/2022
Thales Australia LimitedADI Ltd07/02/199630/06/2017
TNT Australia Pty Ltd 01/07/200830/06/2022
Visionstream Pty Ltd 01/07/199930/06/2023
Wilson Security Pty Ltd 01/01/201630/06/2023
Page last updated: 20 Jun 2016