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Reporting matters of scheme significance

For: Employers and managers

Self-insured licensees are required to report information on matters that are potentially significant to the Comcare scheme. We provide a policy and guidelines on how to determine these matters and the reporting timeframes.

Policy on reporting significant matters

The policy on reporting potentially scheme significant matters outlines the expectations of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC) and Comcare for Determining Authorities to provide information on potentially scheme significant matters.

As a self-insured licensee, you are a Determining Authority and have responsibilities to report.

See the Significant Matters Reporting Policy (PDF, 196.7 KB) for more information.

The Issues of Current Interest (PDF, 125.8 KB) should be read in conjunction with the Significant Matter Reporting Policy when assessing whether a matter should be flagged as potentially scheme significant.

Guiding principles

When considering whether a matter is significant or not, as the Determining Authority, you can use these principles as a guide.

  1. Proceedings are potentially significant for the scheme when they have broader implications for the workers’ compensation scheme and which go beyond resolving a dispute of a specific case.
  2. Matters are unlikely to be significant for the scheme if they are merely a dispute about the facts or an application of SRC Act provisions to particular facts using an established interpretation.
  3. Apply a common-sense approach, taking into account current advice from Comcare about SRC Act policies and issues of current interest.
  4. Flag a matter for consideration by Comcare if you are in doubt about the significance of the matter to the scheme.

See the Significant Matters guide for determining authorities (PDF, 114.9 KB) for further information about the principles that apply in assessing whether a matter is likely to be significant and some of the features of these matters.

Trigger events

Our procedure on the reporting of trigger events assists you to identify key trigger events and the information to provide within a reasonable timeframe of those events.

See the Trigger Events and Reporting procedure (PDF, 100.8 KB) for more information.

Page last reviewed: 11 July 2022
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Date printed 24 Jul 2024