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Your responsibilities as a self‑insured licensee

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Once granted a licence to self-insure, you must meet a wide range of requirements to ensure you are maintaining claims, rehabilitation and health and safety management systems of a high standard.

Comply with measures and standards

You are required to adhere to compliance measures imposed by the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC). These include self-insurance licence conditions, performance standards and measures, and reporting requirements.

We regulate the performance of self-insured licensees in line with our Self-insurance Licence Compliance and Performance Model (PDF, 2.0 MB). It provides a framework that:

  • seeks to ensure compliance with self-insurance licence conditions
  • focuses on self-insured licensee performance against our standards and measures in the areas of claims management, rehabilitation and prevention
  • focuses on a holistic, risk-based approach to evaluate performance.

For more information, see Licence compliance and performance.

Report your performance

An important aspect of the Self-insurance Licence Compliance and Performance Model (PDF, 2.0 MB) is the reporting of self-insured licensee compliance against the SRCC’s performance standards and measures.

As a self-insured licensee, you provide monthly data submissions, relevant information and an annual Licence Compliance and Performance Improvement Report to the SRCC to report on your performance.

The SRCC conducts annual audits of claims management, rehabilitation and work health and safety systems of self-insured licensees in the developing phase and in years 2 and 6 of their licence.

We expect that established self-insured licensees continue to use their own internal audits to assess their management systems and to confirm compliance with licence conditions and our performance standards and measures. Comcare has developed audit tools and templates for your use.

For more information, see Licence compliance and performance.

Role as the rehabilitation authority

As the rehabilitation authority, you are responsible for ensuring the effective rehabilitation and return to work of injured employees.

Useful resources and information include:

Provide opportunities for staff to give feedback

As a self-insured licensee, you are responsible for managing any concerns your employees have about their claims management or rehabilitation.

However, if an employee is not satisfied with your response or action regarding their issue or concern, they can raise this with Comcare.

See Providing feedback about a self-insured licensee for more information.

Keep licence current

Licences to self-insure are usually granted for eight years.

If you would like to extend your self-insurance licence to continue beyond that time, you need to apply to the SRCC for a licence extension and demonstrate how you meet the SRCC’s requirements for a self-insurance licence.

See Apply for a licence extension for more information on the process and requirements.

Page last reviewed: 05 January 2024
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