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We accept submissions regarding self-insurance licence applications and extensions as well as for other matters.

Types of submissions

Submission in response to a licence application or extension

In evaluating self-insurance licence applications and extensions, the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (SRCC) accepts and reviews submissions from other parties.

In your submission, you should state how you would be affected by the self-insurance licence application or extension.

You need to lodge your submission with the SRCC at least four weeks before the SRCC meeting at which the licence application will be considered. We have established this timeframe to allow adequate time for us to consider comments and views expressed in submissions.

Comments and views submitted after this deadline will only be considered at the discretion of the SRCC and may not necessarily be considered in our evaluation.

We reserve the right to seek the opinion of the self-insurance licence applicant in response to any views expressed in a submission.

We list self-insurance licence applications received by the SRCC in line with our evaluation principles.

Submission in relation to other matters

We accept submissions in relation to other matters that fall under the functions of the SRCC.

You need to lodge your submission with the SRCC at least four weeks before the SRCC meeting at which the matter will be considered.

How to make a submission

Submit your comments or views to the SRCC in relation to a self-insurance licence application or extension, or other matter.

More information

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Page last reviewed: 08 April 2021
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Date printed 21 Jun 2021