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Outcomes from 19 April 2024 SRCC meeting

19 April 2024

The SRCC met on 19 April 2024 to consider regulatory issues and the quarter two performance reports of individual licensees.

Review of standard licence period

The SRCC discussed the current operating context which amongst other things includes recent changes to the SRC Act and an announcement of a review of the Comcare scheme more broadly. As a result, it was agreed that it was appropriate for the Commission to undertake a review of its standard 8-year licence period.

This review will determine if the 8-year period is still appropriate, whether or not there is a temporary transitional period to accommodate any changes to the SRC Act, or if a lesser period of somewhere between 4-8 years is optimal in the current operating environment. The review is expected to be finalised at the June meeting of the SRCC.

The next meeting of the SRCC will be held on 13 June 2024.

Page last reviewed: 22 May 2024
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Date printed 24 Jul 2024