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Evaluating licensee performance

The Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (Commission) monitors and evaluates licence performance on a quarterly basis against Licensee Key Performance Indicators and via its annual Licensee Compliance and Performance Improvement (LCPI) reporting process. The LCPI assesses a range of performance information including:

  • compliance with all conditions of licence
  • annual certification of prudential conditions of licence
  • an overview of key activities undertaken in the previous 12 months, outcomes achieved and objectives for the next 12 months
  • continuous improvement activities

The Commission grants licences for up to eight years.

  • For new scheme participants, there is an initial two year developing/transitioning phase (the time immediately following the initial granting of a licence).
  • Post the initial two year period, licensees are considered to be established in the scheme.

The developing/transitioning phase involves licensees working closely with Comcare to develop systems by participating in, and being subject to, reviews in this initial period of licence to ensure that a licensee can meet the conditions of licence and performance standards set by the Commission.

The Commission uses this initial period to closely monitor the new licensee and to determine whether any additional conditions or requirements should be placed on a licensee. The Commission may choose to lessen the extensive reviews in the developing/transitioning phase where a licensee can evidence strong, consistent results against compliance and performance requirements.

Established licensees are required to be compliant with licence conditions and continue to meet the performance standards set by the Commission. A targeted review may be conducted in years two and six of an eight year licence should the Commission consider the performance of a licence would warrant a more thorough review

Notwithstanding the above, the Commission can, at any time, determine that due to issues with compliance, reporting or performance results, a regulatory response is required. The status of a licensee (that is, developing/transitioning or established) does not inhibit the Commission from taking action to address a compliance or performance issue.

The diagram below reflects the standard timeline for a new licence and the different phases.

Timeline for new licence and the different phases

Please refer to the Licence Compliance and Performance Model for further information.

Page last updated: 06 Sep 2017