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Becoming a licensee Licence conditions

Read about the guidelines the SRCC has adopted to bring clarity and openness to its processes for the consideration of licence applications and renewals.

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Eligibility for Self-insurance for private corporations

Are you eligible to become a self-insurer under the Comcare Scheme? Here you will find the eligibility criteria.

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Applying for a Self-insurance licence

Here you will find all  of the information required to apply to the SRCC for a self-insurance licence.

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Licence conditions and compliance

Self-insurers are obliged to adhere to compliance measures imposed by the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission. These include, but are not limited to, licence conditions; performance standards and measures; and reporting requirements.

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Licensee Handbook

This handbook has been designed to provide licensees with general information to support them in meeting their conditions of licence.

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Evaluating licensee performance

Licence performance is monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Learn more about the Licensee Improvement Program.

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Audit tools and templates for licensees

A range of audit tools and templates are available for your use as required.

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Latest News

22 Dec 2016

The Commission’s 2015-16 Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment report was approved by the Minister on 21 December 2016 and is now available

07 Dec 2016

The Australian National University has lodged a self-insurance licence application. The Commission will consider the application at its March 2017 meeting.

The Commission has endorsed protocols in relation to the submission of materials with regard to its consideration of licence applications and extensions and other matters to bring greater openness and transparency to its decision-making processes.

27 Oct 2016

The Commission's 2016–17 strategic plan has been finalised and is now available.

17 Oct 2016

The Commission's Annual Report 2015–16, which is included at pages 80–96 of the Comcare Annual Report 2015–16, has been published and is now available.

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